Retained Safety Management Services

For many years, companies have been outsourcing services such as payroll, medical benefits administration, temporary employees, and much more.  Today, more than ever, this trend continues.  On the forefront of outsourcing lies both human resource services and health and safety management.

ISS works with clients on a retainer basis to become the safety department and supports the client to success in health and safety.  Retainer programs are built based on the number of hours per week/month that a client would like to ensure that their facilities and/or projects are running safely.

We feel very strongly that the key to success, no matter the business, lies in planning. Though we are there to provide health and safety support, our focus is on planning. We have found that strong planning drives all of the metrics in a company to include high productivity, quality work, and the absence of accidents. We all know that production is critical to the financial success of any company, but poor quality work and on-the-job accidents are both serious threats to production and profitability. We help teach our clients the importance of planning and promote the benefits of the development of a proactive culture.

We also feel that there is redundancy in measuring accidents. We have all of the tools to prevent accidents completely and focus on the leading indicators which are based on unsafe behaviors. This approach allows our clients to be more competitive and more importantly, profitable.

Safety Management Services

Outsourcing safety to a third party may seem daunting, but it does not have to be.  ISS works with our client staff to manage all aspects of health safety to include recordkeeping, training, field performance, incident investigation, and claims management.

Whether a client wants the full package or just specific activities, ISS has you covered.

ISS can provide the following:

  • Accident Prevention Program development.
  • Accident Prevention Program review and updates.
  • Employee safety training.
  • Assistance with safety objectives and measurements.
  • Project audits and assessments.
  • Incident investigation and review.
  • Claims management support.
  • Third-party compliance support, i.e., IS Networld and Avetta.
  • Site safety plans and programs.
  • Client relationship management and support.
  • Recordkeeping and review.

Since ISS customizes our service offering to the specific needs and each client, the list above only touches on the most commonly requested areas of support. Our services are full-spectrum and as needed per our client’s.